My favorite based game

I clearly have 2 of my favorite!

Super smash flash 2


Super smash flash 1

These Super Smash Flash games rock the house! You can even change how the level, you can even play 1-4 player game! but it will be hard for the 4th play to play cause you need to find it the key for the person to play! You can change the keys for you to play around, but not on super smash flash 1 you use arow keys to play and yea… the fghting and grabing and stuff like that are the same on both.

Super smash flash 1 Keys

O – Special attack

P- Attack

Arrow keys- Move

Thats all i remember

Super Smash Flash 2 Keys

O- Special attack

P- Attack

W – Jump

D- Move right

A- Move left

S- Sitting

Sheild, Grab- Must change keys to…

L – Sheild

i – Grab


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