scavinger hunt

1. Something that you can’t touch

Item: The small tiny stachues

Details: Well i don’t know anything i can’t touch in the house so i as k my brother and he said “The Chinese stachu” i’m like oh…

Picture: It’s at home….

2. something that is ugaly

Item: Toilet

Details: It’s so ugaly because you go dudu in it!!! And you even have to clean it!

Picture: Toilet

3.something that is shatter

Item: Glass

Details: It can break if you hammer it!

Picture: il_probool_glass_shatter

4. something aguest the law

Item: Drunk Driving

Details: You can’t drink while driving or els you will go in Jail! But they have to test you if you are drunk if you are then they put you in jail

Picture: no drink & Drive

5. something that you hate that is famous

Item: Justin Bebier

Details: He gets in my nervtuse and IF YOU COME RIGHT TO NJ I WOULD DO SOMETHING!!! >D

Picture: rarrrrrrrrrrrrrr-jpg

6.something that you wanna do outside of school

Items: Soccer

Details: I love soccer i just go head and just kick the MEEPING ball!

Picture:  girls-soccer-cedar-cliff-vs-carlisle-april-16th-2012-b1d4da0ee0609dce

7. 1 place you wanna go to when you have drivers lessons

Item: Pet’s Smart, & Six Flags

Details: 🙂 I like to enjoy looking at hamsters and just like buy one!! 🙂

Six flags Is too fun when i first went thier when i was 10 🙂

Picture: petsmart theme park preview NJ MAp 1012 Six Flags

8. someone you know that is not famous


Details: I don’t see them walking on a red carpet or seeing anyone taking photos of them of screaming! No dearpy der…

Picture: During class time xD

9. someone that you complet

Item: My Brother Stephen

Details: I want to follow him cause he’s lazy, he douse the flute and i do a tiny of flute, and… he plays a card game like Yui-gi-oh and another card game which NO ONE KNOWS ONLY A FEW PEOPLE KNOW!

Picture: I can’t take a picture of him cause he hates pictures

10. a pleace you would visit

Item: Hong Kong

Details: I wanted to go to Hong Kong it’s because it’s were my mom’s family side is… I only met my Aunt on facebook so i wanted to see them in real life 🙂


11. a natraldesaster

Item: Hurricane Sandy

Details: the hurricane killed like 100 and something people but Irean didn’t do much damage so Sandy it is 😛

Picture: Hurricane Sandy

12.  3 movies you would watch over and over again

Items: Monster’s University, Teen Beach Movie, & Harry Potter (the first one)


Pictures: square_thumb teen beach movie 2014507-harry_potter_4

13. some were or something that you have to go that is boring

Item: Resturant with family

Details: It’s so boring after i eat i get bored and just start playing the DS :/

Picture: I can’t even take one cause it would make you hungry << To.. The Loy Olama Clan (a.k.a. The Olama Clan)


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